Terroir, the French word for "soil", not only refers to the type of soil,

but also to other geographic features including:


♦  Elevation

The location of the vines along the eastern side of the canyon begins at a base

of 760 feet and rises to 900 feet.  The north-western slope exposes the grapes

to the sun for a longer time each day.


♦  Sunshine and Temperatures

The location of the vines along the western slope of the canyon exposes the grapes to the intense sun for a longer time each day than other slopes of the canyon.

The summer and fall weather of the Palomares Canyon provide intense warmth

during the day. Temperature highs can be 95 degrees with evening temperatures plunging to 58 degrees.


♦  Wind

The sea breeze from the San Francisco Bay snakes through the canyon and cools

the vines each evening - ensuring a crisp liveliness to the taste of the grape.

Nearly one hundred pine trees planted along the northwestern edge of the vineyard provide protection from the harshness of the sea breeze.


♦  Rainfall

On average there is less than 1.5 inches of total rain from May through September – five months! Total annual rainfall is 21 inches.  With little rain during the growing season the vines are stressed, and the roots grow deep into the soil seeking water

in the hard, dry soil.