Le Moulis (luh moo-LEE)
is a firm, moist cow's milk cheese
made in a small creamery high in the Pyrénées.




Gouda (HOW-dah)

is a dry, firm cow’s milk cheese
made in the Netherlands.
Deep caramel in color, crunchy, flaky,

and meltingly smooth on the tongue it bursts with flavor.

Scharfe Maxx (SHAR-feh MAX)

is cow’s milk cheese
made on the edge of Bodensee Lake in Canton Thurgau in northern Switzerland
by three master cheese makers at Käserei Studer .








Roomano (roo-MAH-noh)
is a skimmed cow's milk Gouda from Holland

aged up to six years. The texture is hard and crystalline;

the flavor has intense caramel and butterscotch tones.




Vacherin Fribourgeois
(VASH-er-ihn free-boori-WAH)
is a hearty and potent Swiss cow's milk cheese
The texture is semi-soft to a firm texture, depending on age.




is a firm mild cow’s  milk cheese from the dales north of London.
If you mention cheese in Britain Wensleydale would likely

be the one that would come to mind.





Bra Tenero (brah TEN-er-oh)
is a semi-firm cow's milk cheese
from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.
 The city of Bra is the self-proclaimed
 capital of cheese in Europe. 



La Peral (lah peh-RAHL)
is a gently blued pasteurized cow and sheep milk cheese
from Asturias of the La Peral district in northern Spain.
This rare and delicious cheese has been produced






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