Tour & Tasting

We de-mystify the world of wine so you can enjoy it even more!

With our unpretentious and no-nonsense approach to wine, you can feel confident about making the perfect food pairing with our Cabernet Sauvignon for every occasion....

  • Casual dining
  • Special dining
  • Gifting
  • Hosting a unique party
  • Building your wine collection

Our Cabernet is a pleasure best enjoyed in good company, so invite your friends, relax, and enjoy as we pull the cork!

Intimate Tasting Experience

Group of six to ten may schedule an intimate tasting with pairings of cabernet sauvignon  Reserve 2006 and 2007 with cheese, fruit and chocolate. 

Our Rigg Estate Vineyard Wine and Food Pairings Guide is complimentary.

$20.00 per person.

Tour on Foot or Video

View the vineyard close-up with a walk though the vineyard or at a distance from our estate windows.  Your personal video screening of the vineyard through the annual grape cycle will charm and educate the budding viticulturist in you!   Remember, it’s all about the grapes!!

The winemaking process is fascinating in its own right, and is a more natural process than you may have been lead to believe!


Tour & Taste